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Ready to create
Latexco Solutions can cut all possible shapes and sizes, from sheets to threedimensional forms. In addition to the range of bonded foams, we also have a range of first-class products, from ordinary PUR foams to special fire-retardant foams and visco-elastic foams. Latexco Solutions can even supply laminated materials, with permanent or non permanent tape or with a covering film. We also alveolate foam and bonded foam. Are you ready to create?

Our Company

Latexco Solutions was founded at the end of last century and is a daughter company of Latexco NV. Started as a rebonder of latex production-remainders, our company is today a major international player, producing and customizing Latex- and Polyurethane rebond foams. Through a unique process we transform trim foam into new and up to the market products, in accordance with the latest environmental laws and standards. With Latexco Solutions, our customers can always count on high quality, ecological products and professional services.